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How do you send your product data to your partners, in Excel ?

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How do You communicate with your sales team for Up-To-Date product data ?

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How do you manage the consistency of your product data for different channels ?



Cloud-based product data management and syndication

SYNCGUIDE helps retailers and suppliers organize and share their content for centralized management.

Catalog Management

The product catalog structure consolidates product and service offering information. It is completely customizable: easily define hierarchies, rules and associated processes.

Back-end Integration

Ensures that all product descriptions, specifications, pricing, images, safety data, and related information are always current and up-to-date with most recent changes. Integration with existing IT infrastucture is seamles and easy.

Data Quality

Data quality rules can be applied to validate, cleanse, and classify all product data. The system will identify data that does not conform to quality and integrity checks and provide correction.

Data Mapping

Product attribute information (size, minimum order quantity, shelf life, etc.) can be mapped to the appropriate structures without making any changes in their sources. Incoming data is mapped to internal format, and outgoing to trading partner formats.

Multi-channel Publishing

In addition to the private partner structures; system allow to publish items to GDSN data pools, mobile media and websites through the single platform.

Change Management

The entire life cycle of the product items are traceable and comparable.

Content Enrichment

Depending on your business, you might not have all information in your ERP. So, SYNCGUIDE architecture stores product Master Data with its associated enriched attribute data.

GS1 GDSN Integration

SYNCGUIDE is developed in accordance with GS1 GDSN standards and ready for integration with any GS1 data pool.

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